Suzan Smith
First Insurance Funding -AVP - Customer Service
September 25, 2015, Suzan was a client of Shelly A.’s

Shelly has placed me with a Premium Finance Company over 7.5 years ago when I moved from California to Illinois. She reached out to me and explained what she does and that she had a perfect career opportunity for me. She clearly understood my work experience and indeed she found a perfect match. She is professional, friendly, detailed and organized and 110% committed to finding what you are looking for. What is so wonderful about Shelly, well just about everything!! Shelly, I can't thank you enough for working with me and finding the perfect work match for me. 7.5 years and still going strong!!!!!

Latoya Campbell MBA
Executive Director at Pathway to Living
January 17, 2018, Latoya was a client of Shelly's
To whom it may concern,

I have had the pleasure of knowing Shelly Burchett for the past 3 years in the capacity of job recruiter/coach and friend.
She has helped me land an awesome job that has been a great fit for me and one that I truly enjoy. She has enlightened me to an industry that I didn't know that i could work in but has since grown to love. In addition to helping myself she has worked with my current company in finding and placing successful candidates in key roles.
Shelly is very detail oriented, efficient and extremely organized. She has never missed a deadline as it pertains to myself.
In summary I highly recommend Shelly for any position or endeavor that she may seek to pursue. She will be a valuable asset for any organization
Latoya Campbell

Career Sources Unlimited, Inc. Invites you to visit Shelly A. Burchett, CPC on LinkedIn to showcase our Talent Acquisition Expertise and the value we can bring to your team and bottom line with targeted recruiting of the top talent available for your open roles and the integrity to facilitate and negotiate a win/win for all involved. 

Jennifer King
Senior Vice President at Sodexo
March 6, 2018, Jennifer was a client of Shelly A.’s

I had the opportunity to work with Shelly multiple times when hiring sales people in challenging markets. Shelly is adept at understanding the needs of the position, does a great job evaluating qualified candidates, and took the time to understand my companies’ culture in order to create excitement and engagement about the opportunity. I consistently received quality slates and had a high hire / retention rate as a result of her focused approach.

 Lenae Wallace  Sr. Manager,

Human Resources at Baxter Healthcare Corporation 

July 28, 2015,  Lenae was a client of Shelly A.’s

I first met Shelly through Career Sources Unlimited. Shelly was not only a preferred vendor of TAP Pharmaceuticals but was also instrumental in my placement. She was well versed in the company culture and highly aligned with my career aspirations. Her style ensured that the company was not only complimenting my career desires, but that my skill and attributes would benefit the company needs. I was able to partner with Shelly in different capacities at TAP to fill roles, some specialized in nature. Shelly took the time to thoroughly understand the business needs to ensure high caliber talent and was cost effective. In some situations, she even provided alternate solutions to augment staffing needs. Shelly's industry knowledge, upbeat personality and wonderful sense of humor make for a great partnership.

Jay McNichols
District Sales Manager at Komatsu Forklifts
January 12, 2016, Jay was a client of Shelly A.’s

Shelly is a real professional. She helped me greatly with my resume and really worked hard for me. I believe Shelly's best trait as a recruiter/placement specialist is that she's focused on placing individuals into great positions at great companies - not just closing a deal. If it's not a good fit for either party, Shelly will keep working. Shelly has earned her solid reputation and deserves it. I recommend her highly.




Denny Ziegler
North American Equipment Sales Specialist at Evergreen Packaging
June 24, 2016, Denny was a client of Shelly A.’s

I recently worked with Shelly to secure a new position. Shelly is a delightful, professional and energetic individual. She was very helpful in providing direction to secure this new position. I also believe she represented the hiring firm and myself very fairly and was candid with all involved. I would highly recommend her to firms looking to secure talent and those such as myself that are looking for a recruiters help. She was invaluable, enjoyable to work with and just a very nice person!

Pooja Arora
Supplier Manager at Grainger
October 5, 2018, Pooja was a client of Shelly A.’s

I have had the pleasure of knowing Shelly Burchett for several years in the capacity of Executive Recruiter, Mentor and Friend. Shelly is very professional, responsive, detailed oriented and thoughtful. She is very knowledgeable about several industries and works very closely with her clients (both company and candidate) and takes the time to understand their needs. She has helped me land a great job and career and has guided me along my professional journey.
I highly recommend Shelly and her services, Career Sources Unlimited Inc. , to any firms or individuals looking to secure successful talent and placement. Thank you Shelly!

Kathleen Mackie
Talent Acquisition
February 26, 2016, Kathleen was a client of Shelly A.’s

I have worked with Shelly for more than 13 years. She recruited me as one of her consultants and she has also helped me to fill some critical roles. Shelly is a versatile recruiter with solid experience in nearly every industry. She is adept at understanding the needs of the business and developing a plan to fulfill job requirements. She can fill a role almost immediately, and it is always with a quality candidate. I highly recommend Shelly for any staffing scenario!

 Patricia Jones
Human Resources Consultant at Signode Industrial Group LLC
January 31, 2018, Patricia was a client of Shelly A.’s

Shelly Burchett and I go back a few years. I utilized her services as a recruiter at a few companies when I was an HR Manager seeking to fill various positions. I found Shelly to be very responsive and dedicated to her mission to find the best candidates. She not only referred great candidates, she referred candidates that she would personally hire if she could. If given the chance to use Shelly's services I would do so in a heartbeat.

Mark C. Lucas
Director at First Insurance Funding of Canada
March 28, 2016, Mark C. worked with Shelly A. but at different companies

I have worked with Shelly for more than 15 years to fulfill our company's recruiting needs, assist with various candidate services, and she is a very knowledgeable person with regard to recruiting, retaining, hiring, and industry practices. Shelly truly gets to know her company clients as well as the employee candidates in an effort to form the perfect union for all parties. We have always been able to count on Shelly for our HR needs and her personal attention. Thank you Shelly for all that you do!

Cheryl Audlee
Experienced Human Resources Professional & Business Partner
March 16, 2016, Cheryl was a client of Shelly A.’s

I have worked with Shelly Burchett at Career Sources Unlimited, for over 15 years. Even during the height of the fight for talent, I could always rely on Shelly to provide excellent quality candidates. As an HR professional, it is so important to have strong professional partnerships, and Shelly absolutely fits that description. Shelly is committed to finding the right person for the position - a true win-win. I highly recommend Shelly and Career Sources to any organization looking for good candidates and a great partnership.

 Matt Holder
Sales Professional/Military Leader
February 21, 2014, Shelly A. was a client of Matt’s

Shelly is a personable, professional, and detail orientated individual who assisted in my job search. With her expertise in the industry I was able to accept the position of Territory Sales Representative with a fortune 500 company, and now have continued to advance my career at this company. Without Shelly I would have never had the opportunity to start my career with such a rewarding company. She is the real deal when it comes to recruiting, walked me through the expectations and made sure I was up for the task, and after all that she kept in touch. Great experience!

Luther Grafe
Senior Executive Vice President / Chief Operating Officer at BankDirect Capital Finance
September 14, 2015, Luther was a client of Shelly's
I have worked with Shelly Burchett at Career Services Unlimited, Inc. for over 15 years. Shelly is extremely responsive, is committed to finding the right person for the position and she cares deeply about her relationships.

Luther Grafe

Nick Black
Executive Sales Leader; Former Marine Corps Officer; Speaker, Mentor
August 25, 2015, Nick was senior to Shelly A. but didn’t manage directly

Worked with Shelly to accomplish the most difficult of staffing openings was seamless, refreshing and more importantly painless. She leverages many years of experience and has an extremely extensive network which made my job easy. I highly encourage leveraging Shelly to staff your needs.

Jeff Brandt
President, William Frick & Co.
December 31, 2015, Jeff was a client of Shelly A.’s

Our company has worked for more than 20 years with Shelly. Being a small business has presented us over the years unique hiring challenges but Shelly has always taken an interest in both our job descriptions and also our culture when qualifying and recommending candidates. She manages very well both parties throughout the process and always follows up to make sure that 'everyone is happy.' We continue to use Shelly for a variety of positions.

 -"You are never given a wish without the power to make it happen, you may have to work for it however." Richard Bach - Illusions

Career Sources Unlimited, Inc. has received multiple references over the years from both client companies and client candidates.  Here are a selection of recommendations that can be found on for Shelly A. Burchett, CPC.

Kyle Wagner
Business Development Manager at William Frick & Company
October 5, 2018, Kyle was a client of Shelly A.’s

Shelly is an absolute pleasure to work with and is amazing at what she does. She really knows how to mesh both companies with people and people with companies, resulting in a mutual benefit.

Partnering with our top customer clients across the United States Career Sources Unlimited, Inc. is proud to offer excellent opportunities for our candidates in multiple industries and disciplines.  Many of our Talented individuals have leveraged their entire career through our organization as things change in their lives.  Whether they move to a new place, take time off to raise a family or go back to school to improve their education we are available to assist any way we can.  We are always happy to answer questions we can assist with and will refer you to someone else if we can not assist you!

Tito Camps
Quality Engineer | Principal Engineer | Industrial Engineer | Project Engineer 
October 10, 2018, Tito was a client of Shelly A.’s

I have known Shelly for about 5 years
She has been extremely helpful in my job search and always makes sure that I am a good fit for a job before presenting my credentials to her customers.
She goes beyond the duties of a recruiter and ensures your resume is well done and represents your job history correctly
I strongly recommend her services to both companies and job seekers.